Tips & FAQ

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Here we will publish tips and will answer some of the most commonly asked questions. This site will be updated frequently, so visit often. We hope that we will be able to help you out with our answers.

Q: Airbrush sprays paint intermittantly

Airbrush is clogged, dirty
Solution: Clean airbrush thoroughly

Paint is too thick or lumpy
Solution: Dillute paint or get new/different paint

Insufficient air pressure
Solution: Increase air pressure

Q: Bubbling in paint cup

Air cap is not tight
Solution: Tighten air cap

Nozzle seal is missing, dirty or defective
Solution: Replace or clean seal

Defective, frayed nozzle
Solution: Replace nozzle

Q: "Spider" legs while air brushing

Paint consistancy is too thin
Solution: Adjust paint consistency

Too much air pressure
Solution: Reduce pressure

Airbrush is too close to the object
Solution: Hold airbrush further away from object

Paint coat is too thick
Solution: Reduce paint coat with even sweeping motions across object

Q: No air

Compressor is not "on" or defective
Solution: Turn compressor on or repair

Air hose is kinked
Solution: Straighten out air hose

Air hose connector is loose
Solution: Correct connection

Q: Air pressure can't be regulated

Air valve sticks
Solution: Unscrew air valve and put a drop of oil on the small o-ring.